Attempts to find self

Alamu Sneha
2 min readMay 8, 2021


Hi all!
This is Alamu Sneha
I’m always a big fan of writing. I’ve always had a habit of writing my thoughts, emotions. There’s always something cathartic and healing when you put your emotions on paper. So this is one of that kind.

I call it “ Attempts to find self”
Yeah as the title speaks it was one of my attempts to find myself.

So yeah let’s dive in deep

Self-love has become such a cliché. Whether it may be when going through the hardest phase of your life or when you’ve reached your rock bottom or When you’re experiencing the void in yourself. The answer that everyone monotonously gets in our mind is “self-love would be the best healing for our situation”. But I wonder that no one has ever taught us how to love ourselves.

I’d say Question yourself. Question that Who are you gonna be? But not what are you gonna do? How are you gonna plan to live your life every day? How are you gonna respond when you don’t get that job which your heart set on?

I always believe in this. The next sentence we read or write could like fundamentally transform us for our entire life. So Journal your thoughts. Meet yourself in the journals you write, meet to console yourself, yell at yourself, find yourself, forgive yourself, and meet to re-discover yourself. Observe your emotions. Know yourself more. If that’s done I guess life becomes much easier. Before you go around using the word “I” too much. trace the etymology of what that word “ I “ means especially to you, specifically when you say it.

And next time when you get knocked down and wondering if it’s even worth it get back up. So those are the times when you’re gonna ask yourself, “Who am I gonna be?”. Next time when you didn’t give your best at work or When you flunk your exams even though you tried hard or When you weren’t able to get into the university you dreamt of, the organization you yearned to be a part of but you weren’t able to get in. It’s OKAY! , Pick yourself every time you fail. Pick yourself whenever your hopes are shattered because the process is what matters not the results!

Turn your weaknesses into strengths. Develop a set of skills that you can apply to any situation that you can encounter or any crisis that you might confront. (but first, you gotta make that choice!)

Learn to love the parts of yourself no one claps for! .Be that person to yourself whom you needed when you were younger. Be self-sufficient, be enough for yourself!

I’d like to finish by saying this again
Next time when you use the word “I”. Know what it really means to you. Specifically to you.

- Alamu Sneha :)

Inspired by Regajha, Michelle Obama