Belief System is the Earth’s biggest show: Why not Question it?

Disclaimer: Once you question your belief system everything might change! This might delve you into diverse opinions and might make you think about your decision-making capabilities.

Imagine your brain as a system that receives a corpus of data from the eyes, nose, ears. The data is informative after it is interpreted. So the easy way to interpret the data constantly is to use the experience as a guide. But it would take too long for it to consider thousands of old memories, one at a time. Instead, the brain uses a compressed version of hundreds or thousands of past experiences called concepts.

A lot of times, the brain skips the analysis process and goes to the prediction stage as it's the default. For example, I may feel excited even before I get the award (Brain predicts the happy instant in prior here). Most of the things that we believe it holds are fiction. Prediction is such a fundamental activity of the human brain that some scientists consider it the brain’s default mode of operation. Our major belief would be based on stuff we never know much about comparatively, or on the stuff we never experienced, or the thing which we are reluctant to have, or the person we never know much about, or the food we haven't tasted.

People say be opinionated, put out your opinions on stage. But I’d say have this science backup an analogy of prediction system in mind and never keep your opinions as a ‘belief system’. Humans are all evolving species, the brain only sees what it believes, and then believes what it sees.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS! (eg: Question your belief system often, don’t be rigid on it.

Be like Water, you can be put into any vessel and take the shape of it

Who knows - Maybe this is not accurately what we want, That might not be interesting now but it may be later, Maybe you like NanoTech, Maybe you like will like that food when you taste it in a good restaurant.

Lol, how adventurous this life is XD Go ahead surf it!




Curious Iterator

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Alamu Sneha

Alamu Sneha

Curious Iterator

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