Dealing with Change

I still remember the over-used phrases of my high school teachers. I still cut my hair like I did when I was 10. I’ve been watching movies that changed my life. I still go and walk through my school corridor. I still have the stained high school uniform that I can’t let go of. I still get excited when you talk about Raman Effect. I still remember my 3rd-grade friend’s favorite Fizzy drink

I am at the start of 20 and I feel terribly middle-aged. Like most of everything has happened but I can’t quite hold on to anything

I thought my biggest flex was dealing well with Change. But now I realize maybe it is not. I miss everything and everyone who made a ripple in my life but I don’t think they will remember me for the person I am now. I am afraid that people I love now won’t recognize me soon

I will miss you even if you don’t. I hope you miss me too



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