Etymology of Growth

Everyone’s definition of love is different. Everyone’s definition of a successful life is different. Not everyone has the same opinions about spirituality. Not everyone has the same ethics. But each one’s perspective is their very own true definition in their mind.

Ok, let's get started with questions so that you get perspectives on "perspectives "

Has your opinion on people been the same all time? Did you believe in the Big bang singularity and then got to read Exodus 20:11? Did you get stuck between Cal Newport’s “So good they can’t ignore you” and Martha’s “Finding your own Northstar”? Were you clueless when you read Gautama Buddha's “Never desire’’ quote and then came back to Napoleon Hill’s “Have a burning desire” analogy? Did you start believing in a higher power only just before you were about to reach your rock bottom? These questions will give a brief sum up about your different perspectives at different instances of time.

We see people working years to build their dream suddenly after years of toil, One night all their dreams would question them. Things that they thought it would make them ecstatic and to feel content, didn’t make them feel so. We see people switching professions in the ’40s trying to figure out their purpose in their life. People whom we didn’t like for a reason, now we look up to them for the same. We look at people debating over the same topic for thousands of years and have not yet concluded. In the end, my mind is looping and reminding me that it is because of the new perspectives we get towards life each time.

For instance, Newton’s law of gravity has different contradictions to the theory of relativity by Einstein. And now string theory gives a whole new perspective. Brian Grene in a TED talk said there won’t be future fingerprints in galaxies to find out the mysteries in space for future astronomers as what they see will be a whole new perspective of our universe. So, Universe itself is a part of this perception chain. So, there are different truths but in different forms. The trick is how we intake it, the motive and the intent sticking with it.

Thoughts that gave a halt in your life, now no longer affect you. It is because of incidents you’ve faced and it changes the whole perspective. There’s a saying that “Life changes when your perspective towards it changes”. Remember situations never change, only it is you who change your perspectives about how you look at it. So it is how you look at it and also the intent and motive of sticking with it.

The mind will take on the character of your most frequent thoughts. Souls are dyed with thoughts ~Marcus Aurelius

Most misunderstandings in this universe could be avoided if people could simply take the time to ask “What else could this mean? ” ~Shannon L. Alder.

There is nothing called facts.
It’s all just interpretations.

Perpetual thoughts of our own perspectives are what we reckon as reality.

OK. So, you may ask what is the tool that helps to train your effing mind which goes through this infinity loop?


Aren't books a staple for getting new perspectives? Yeah, it is true that no two people ever read the same book. Books are for exploring a new world on every page you turn at different points of your life. It is a great tool to train your mind. And in turn your perspectives. So of course, your life. It is like getting to read Elon’s, Gandhi’s, Mother Teresa’s, Hawking’s, mind and getting mentored by them daily. You’re literally conversing and observing these people and their deep thoughts directly! Doesn’t this prove that humans are capable of working MAGIC?

For any question in life, you can never say the answer is just this. It is not a matter of right or wrong. It is a matter of perspective. So never forget to respect people's perspectives. It means to them a lot. Because it's indeed a part of them. An integral part of who they are. And who they've become and who they are yet to become.

And maybe right now you're the consequence of someone's perspective and opinion.

It is funny that each of our past-authentic selves is a spectrum of selves who may be wouldn't even get along with one another. And it is because of our evolving perspectives. And that is needed. Yeah, that's an essential part of growth. That's the etymology of evolution.

"Life is all about who you are and who you want to be"
~ Robin Sharma

Knowledge is what we acquire from a collective perspective. From Socrates to Plato. From the book 'Finding your own Northstar' hypothesis to 'So Good They Can't Ignore You'. From Science to Spirituality.

I'd always say be in the quest for perspectives. Each day live a life, that you never lived. Object a life of conventions. We don't know, what we don't know. But the more we get to know people/ learn different kinds of stuff/read about various things, The better it is for our brains to piece together the ideas we've never been heard of and help us to escape from the bandwagon and keep us inclined towards our curious life

Embrace every new perspective you get. That's how I find myself every time. And that's why this life is for. Isn't it?

~ From a girl who is figuring out her perspectives towards life



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